Crossing the next frontier
to give you a fair chance to fight

We develop next-generation immunotherapies, that present a synergistic combination potential
with standard-of-care treatments, to give patients a fair chance to fight immune-mediated
chronic diseases and cancer.

about us

the next frontier...

We develop novel therapies that modulate the immune-system in a non-suppressive manner.

The fact that our drug candidates modulate, but do not suppress, the immune-system is what makes them more suited for chronic administration than currently available medicines, especially for the majority of patients who have mild to moderate symptoms.

We source our drug candidates by studying and analyzing real-life observational human clinical trial data, in a non-systematic manner and without a priori. This pioneering translational human discovery first approach is what makes us and our programs so special. 

... to give you
a fair chance to fight

We are committed to developing novel medicines with an unprecedented benefit-risk ratio to allow greater access to treatments.

Giving patients a fair chance to fight is why we seek out unexplored therapeutic solutions, and why we founded Exeliom Biosciences. 


Our research has led us to discover that patients who are suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases or cancer,
and who are lacking a crucial bacterium (Faecalibacterium prausnitzii) do not have a fair chance to improve their condition.

We developed a single bacterial strain drug candidate to deliver first-in-class microbiome-based immunotherapy for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases and cancer, starting with Crohn’s Disease as a first indication.
Discover EXL01 IN cancer immunotherapy


At exeliom biosciences, we are always looking towards the future without leaving the present behind.
We intend to build this future through our partnerships.


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