Manufacturing Pilot Unit For Live Biotherapeutics

Our initial idea might seem quite simple: why not provide patients with the key bacteria
that are missing in their guts so that they can have a fair chance to fight their pathologies?
The answer to that question is not as simple as it seems: even though we have been pioneers in handling fastidious bacteria such as F. prau, they were still considered impossible to manufacture in large industrial quantities only a couple of years ago due to their extreme sensitivity to oxygen. Without a scalable manufacturing solution, the potential of any ground-breaking scientific discovery can never be translated into real products.
At exeliom biosciences, we understood the need to develop
a repeatable and reliable manufacturing process that gives us
a product that is deliverable to patients.
We had what it took to kick-start the manufacturing development thanks to the decade-long effort of exeliom biosciences’ cofounding team that resulted in a unique production protocol at lab scale. The deep knowledge of F. prau helped us overcome the various challenges associated with the transfer of this protocol to industrial conditions, which is an absolute must for anyone willing to go beyond research and develop an actual drug.
Now is the time for us to open a new chapter in exeliom biosciences’ odyssey and develop our own manufacturing capabilities.
To meet our development targets we have invested,
with the support of the H2020 Accelerator Grant Program,
in a state-of-the-art, non-GMP pilot manufacturing facility.
This gives us an end-to-end development capability, allowing us to scale our products from glassware in the lab to pilot-scale production in fermenters, and to lyophilized drug substances. Using large-scale pilot fermenters set-up to sustain strict anaerobic conditions, we optimize the development of our products in-house to protect our unique know-how in handling fastidious bacteria.

Manufacturing Pilot Unit

Our manufacturing pilot unit is a unique differentiating aspect to make our mission a reality.
It is also a rare opportunity for microbiome and pharmaceutical companies to partner up with us
and take their microbiome projects to the next level.
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