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Our mission is to allow greater access to treatments for the majority of immune-mediated disease patients who have mild to moderate symptoms. 

To that end, we are developing novel medicines which are more suited to chronic administration than existing treatments. 

IIt’s time for a change, and we want to lead the way.
Our mission revolves around
three ideas


Our approach is rooted in the strong clinical rationale that motivates us to take the journey
and explore new microbiome fields regardless of any challenges we may face along the way.

This involves the thorough and tireless observation of patients’ conditions.

to cross the next frontier..

While most companies developing single bacterial-strain therapies have historically focused on low-hanging fruit, we decided to take on the challenge of unlocking the therapeutic potential of one of the most fastidious and promising gut bacteria: Faecalibacterium prausnitzii (F. prau).

We have cultured the unculturable and made it possible to conceive a well-defined and purified drug, which exploits the remarkable properties of this star gut bacterium.

and give you a fair chance to fight

Our thinking is deeply rooted in you, the patients. Our first mission is to overcome the
obstacles associated with highly promising, yet fastidious, bacteria. Then, we will make an
F. prau-based drug for you. This drug is to give you the same resources as healthy
subjects so that your body can fight.

about us

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