Exeliom Biosciences’ ongoing clinical trial MAINTAIN in Crohn's disease
The ongoing clinical trial conducted with Exl01 in Crohn’s disease is a phase 1 study that consists of two parts: an open-label phase and a subsequent double-blind randomized phase.This phase 1 study is conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of EXL01, taken orally once daily by patients with mild–to-moderate Crohn’s disease. Participant recruitment is currently in progress.
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Important Information

Please note that the drug candidate EXL01 is presently in the clinical testing stage and subject to the regulations set by the competent authorities.

Exeliom Biosciences is not legally entitled to decide whether a patient is eligible to take part in the clinical trials that Exeliom Biosciences sponsors. The investigating physicians at the clinical study centres are the sole individuals competent to decide whether a patient is eligible, according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria defined in the corresponding clinical study protocol.

Additionally, Exeliom Biosciences cannot communicate or interact with individual patients on the developments or progress of the study. All publicly available information is available on


EXL01 in Crohn's Disease



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