EXL01 in the Clinic

Evaluating the therapeutic potential of EXL01 in a diversified and complementary set of indications, in monotherapy or in combination
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Learn more about F. praustnizii in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

EXL01 in Crohn's Disease

First-in-human Phase 1 maintenance trial (MAINTAIN) evaluating EXL01 for the maintenance of steroid-induced remission in patients with mild-to-moderate Crohn’s disease. Recruitment is completed.

A Phase 2 placebo-controlled randomized trial evaluating EXL01 for the postoperative maintenance in patients with Crohn’s disease. Planned in 2024.

EXL01 in Cancer Immunotherapy

Three Phase 2 immuno-oncology trials (BIG, EXLIBRIS & MOTHER, respectively in gastric cancer, non-small cell lung cancer & hepatocellular carcinoma) evaluating the potential of EXL01 in combination with cancer treatments, including Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors.

EXL01 in Infectious Diseases

Two part Phase 1/2 study, with a placebo-controlled randomized Phase 2 part, evaluating EXL01 in the prevention of recurrent C. difficile infection.


EXL02 is a pre-clinical Live Biotherapeutic candidate leveraging the properties of another gut bacteria, with a focus on its ability to activate the AhR-pathway.


EXL03 is a preclinical recombinant protein candidate mimicking the properties of natural enzymes, in particular its ability to activate the Kynurenine pathway.

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